It is available on devices that requires iOS 4.3 or later on the App Store. This game is created by Shanghai Quyou. It also contains Game Center to see public statistics. It has 3 different types: Free, Pro, and HD and they are all free.


When you first play the game, you get 2800 coins and 22 bubbles for free. Coins and bubbles are called currency. This takes place in the ocean and it is aquatic. As you move on, the levels gets different.

You have limited amount of moves or time to reach the target score. If you fail a level, you lose a life. If you complete a level, you move to the next level. There are maps to complete. If you complete the entire map, the loading screen gets different.

You can also get access to power-ups which helps you to complete a level. You can get power-ups by going to Magic Shop. There are 11 different power-ups to choose from.

Also, there are special bubbles. There are 3 of them. There is striped bubble, bubble bomb, and color bombs too. You can mix the make a bigger effect.

This game is currently free and if you want more coins or bubbles, you have to either pay or watch videos. You can remove ads by paying $0.99 (Free) or 22 bubbles (Pro). You can also get 3 extra lives limit by paying $19.99.

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